Team Schedules for BJJ

Most academies maintain a weekly training schedules on their team’s website. These are often in the form of images and/or spreadsheets.

It is now easy to add and maintain your team’s weekly schedule in Openmat.

Students can copy a session from their team’s schedule into their own private schedules by simply hitting the Copy button.

Personal Schedules

If you are serious about improving in MMA or BJJ, a regular training pattern is important – Openmat supports this via personal weekly schedules. Update your own schedule by clicking the Schedule icon under the Calendar section.

Activating your schedule

Don’t forget to activate your weekly schedule by hitting the Activate switch. An active training schedule will automatically fill in your calendar with training events each day. This allows you to quickly add daily notes by selecting an event from your feed or calendar.

If you don’t show up to training one day, you can simply delete the generated event.

You can disable your training schedule at any time. This is useful if you are traveling or when life gets in the way of training.

BJJ training stats

Calendar events count towards your daily training consistency. Events considered towards training include: regular training, open mats, seminars, strength and conditioning, gradings and competitions.

It’s always satisfying to see your monthly training staying consistent.

Do you own a blog?

Add some flare to your martial arts blog by displaying your training schedule as a widget using the Openmat plugin.

Openmat WordPress plugin