The State of Openmat

Openmat is getting old.

I first started writing Openmat as a white belt in 2014. I set about creating a repository of learning, organised into a clean interface and it has served that purpose for myself and others, whilst remaining fairly stable over the years.

I have used Openmat personally to log every jiu jitsu training session throughout the years, including an around the world trip, and all my rehab following a knee reconstruction.

However, the website is gathering dust. Its server is tired, and I can feel the rusty gears grinding away.

Therefore I’ve decided to shutdown Openmat on 30 April.

What will happen to my data?

In the coming days, you will see a Export to CSV button at the top of your Feed.

This download will include all your data.

What next?

I am working on a more generalized goal tracking solution using an updated technology stack.

Of course, I am using Jiu Jitsu as a benchmark for assessing its usefulness.

I will release more information as it nears completion, but for now I will just conclude with an overzealous OSSSS.

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