Down Under Leg Attacks Study

I have been working on leg locks on and off for a while now, so picking up a copy of Craig Jones’ Down Under Leg Attacks DVD was an obvious decision.

The DVD is structured in a logical sequence, but I felt I still required some additional mapping of the concepts and techniques, particularly when starting out, so I created the following flowchart.

Leg Attacks Down Under Process Diagram


I haven’t spent a considerable amount of time checking and re-checking the logic, this is more of a cue for drilling the techniques and realising options available from different positions.

Additionally, there are interdependencies, transitional positions, other options and opponent responses from everywhere which aren’t expressed. For the purpose of keeping it simple, this is what I’ve settled on 🙂

For nerds

The notation in the diagram is similar to business process modeling notation. The diamonds with X in the middle are decisions (made by ourselves or for us – by our opponents). Since this usually results in a different position, this is expressed as an “exclusive OR” gateway.

A simple yes/no gateway is used for sequential steps with a dichotomy (two obvious choices).

Feel free to make your own modifications to the chart here.

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